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Ways to download movies and TV shows on Netflix



Do you want to know about the ways to download Netflix movies and TV shows? Netflix needs no introduction anymore as it is one of the best movie and TV shows streaming services out there. Streaming requires an internet connection, this means there will be times where streaming isn’t an option. For instance, when you’re on an airplane or about to hit your data cap for the month. This is why Netflix came up with a feature that makes it easy to take your favourite movie offline. The feature comes in handy when you know you won’t be near an internet connection for a while.

Yes, it is completely legal to download your favourite movies and TV shows offline on Netflix. Note that there are some movies or shows that do not support offline viewing. You can find out what and what movies or shows supports offline viewing by going to the “Download” section, the bottom is located at the bottom navigation bar, it reads either “Find Something to Download” or “Find More to Download”. There you’ll see a curated list of movies and TV shows available for download.

Which Devices Support Downloaded Movies and Shows from Netflix?

Most devices support downloaded movies and TV shows from Netflix. You can download using any iOS or Android device, Windows 10 app on tablets, Amazon Fire tablet app, and even some Chromebox and Chromebook devices that have the Android app.

Ways to Download Movies and TV Shows on Netflix

The first thing to do is to pick a movie that supports offline viewing. Then tap the “download icon” which is next to the share icon. Once the movie has downloaded successfully, go to the bottom navigation and click on the download icon. It will take you to a section where you can watch and manage all of your downloaded movies and TV shows.

You can delete a movie from the download section by clicking on the pencil icon at the top right. Select the movie you want to delete and tap on the “trash can icon” on the top right, the movie will be deleted.

The process is mostly the same to download TV shows on Netflix. Assuming the show supports offline viewing, you’ll see the download icon next to an episode’s description. Yeah, that’s right, you can’t download a whole TV show, you are only allowed to download episode by episode. It can be tedious especially when your favourite show has over 20 episodes per season. You can enable or disable “Smart Downloads”, this feature automatically downloads new episodes and deletes older episodes you’ve watched.

Downloads For You Feature: Automatically download recommended movies and TV shows

One of the ways to download movies and TV shows on Netflix is with the “downloads for you” feature. It is a newly added feature from Netflix for Android app users which automatically download movies and TV shows on a user’s smartphone or tablet based on their streaming tastes. The Netflix algorithm downloads new and fantastic content from genres or categories that are of interest to the user, so they can watch it later without an internet connection. To activate this feature on your Netflix app, follow the steps below;

• The downloads for you feature only works with a Wi-Fi connection, it doesn’t work with a cellular wireless connection.

• Open the Netflix android app

• Click on the Downloads icon at the bottom navigation bar. You’ll see a “Smart Downloads” option at the top of your screen, click it.

• Then look for the “Downloads for You” toggle, tap it to enable it.

You’re free to allocate how much storage space your device uses. Tap on the “+” or “-“ buttons to add or reduce storage space for the Downloads for You feature. You can select 1GB, 3GB or 5GB storage limits.

Source: Naija Online Guide

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