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Ways To Use A Fake Number To Call Someone (Spoof A Phone Number)



Are you searching for ways to use a fake number to call someone? Have you ever been in a situation where you want to spoof a phone number? The ability to spoof a number is widespread at the moment. Call spoofing has enabled us to fake the return number that is usually shown by Caller IDs.

Spoofing in layman terms means the number displayed on someone’s caller ID is not the real number that is making the call, it’s a fake. If you’re wondering if it’s legal to do that, the answer is yes. There is nothing illegal about spoofing, it is your intention or action after spoofing that can be illegal.

Ways To Use A Fake Number To Call Someone

There are various ways to spoof a number or use a fake number to call someone. You can register for a permanent number through a call forwarding app or website, get a temporary number from sites that are more oriented towards “burner” numbers or you can use various apps to enter a false phone number that displays on the recipient’s caller ID, while just using your number to make the call.

Spoofed numbers can come in two different varieties. Permanent numbers do not change or recycle and can be held by you for as long as you’ll need them. While disposable numbers, on the other hand, are designed to be disposable or cycled through. Below, we talked about some permanent and disposable apps and sites;

Google Voice is worthy of consideration if you’re looking for ways to use a fake number to call someone. The voice is a platform that offers permanent fake numbers for people looking for a secondary web-based number that wouldn’t cost them a dime. Google offers both a mobile and desktop web platform.

They have dedicated platforms for both iOS and Android operating systems that are sleek and updated regularly. With your assigned secondary number from Google voice, you can forward calls to your primary number and make free phone calls in the United States. You can customize your assigned secondary number.

Another platform for permanent fake numbers is Talkatone. It provides alternate or secondary numbers to call and text US-based users for free. There is a charge notably small for calls or texts outside the United States. You can even change the assigned alternative number whenever you want. The flexibility of the platform is one of its selling points. Though, there are somewhat annoying ads within the app.



Textfree is another great platform for people looking to grab a permanent fake number. When signing up, you can choose your area code and memorable number patterns. The number must be used to make a call once every 30 days for you to retain ownership of it.

Burner is one of the apps that gives you a disposable fake number. The application is built in a way that it generates a new number whenever you need one. The number is quite real and can be used to make a call or send a text from within the app. When making a call, the caller ID displays your burner info instead of your actual phone number. Upon installation of the app which is responsive and smooth, you get a free number for seven days.

Flyp is the perfect platform to go to if you’re looking for multiple secondary numbers or ways to use a fake number to call someone. Though, it is important to note that paying the monthly fees can be very expensive if you plan on holding multiple numbers simultaneously. Flyp is a great service that offers disposable fake numbers. It gives users the ability to mirror local area codes while placing a call.


Hushed App Messaging Screen

Hushed offers disposable and permanent fake numbers. The app provides you with the ability to dispose of numbers at any time, so long as you’re paying for the service. They have end-to-end encryption in place to protect users when making calls. So if you’re looking for a more secured platform, Hushed is the way to go.

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