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Weird! Meet tribe where sex is offered to guests


Would you have ever thought that in this world, some set of people can decide to use their wives as entertainment to male visitors without getting worried or getting jealous ? Well, the people of Ovahimba and Ovazimba tribes can proudly do that without worries.

According to reports, In Namibia, there are two tribes known as Ovahimba and Ovazimba tribes which are located in the Kunene and Omusati regions of the country with a unique culture that has defied western influence and agitation, as it is estimated that these tribes have the total population of over 50,000 people. At puberty stage, the Himba girls are married off to any man their father selects for them

VIDEO: Meet Tribe Where Sex Is Offered To Guests


Why do they have red colour on their skin ? The red colour on their skin is known as ‘otjize paste’ which is the mixture of ochre, butterfat and omozumba scrub, as they do apply this on their skin in order to protect themselves from insects’ bites and from sunlight effect. Instead of bathing with water, they will take a smoke bath and apply aromatic resins on their bodies in order to smell nice.

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What’s the weird culture ? Whenever any man from this tribe goes to visit his male friend who is already married to a wife, the male friend will show him that he is happy to see him by allowing his wife to spend the night with him, as this is referred to as ‘Okujepiss Omukazendu’. In this process, the husband will sleep in another room in order not to disturb his wife and the guest and if there is no other room, he will go outside to sleep.

However, it is said that their women are allowed to do the same thing by giving their husbands to any female guest that comes to visit them but, this kind gesture from their women is rare.

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