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What Are The Common Reasons For Divorce?


Divorce can be fault-based or no-fault. Fault-based is if one of the parties did something which becomes a reason to break-up a marriage. These may include abuse, addiction, and adultery. No-fault divorce, on the other hand, is when no one is to be blame but both agree to end up their relationship.

Why Couples File For A Divorce

Lack of Commitment – Most couples said that this is main reason that their marriage did not work out. Based on a survey, 62% of exes said they wished their spouse should have worked harder to stay married.

Too Much Arguing – Among the main reasons argument can perpetuate is because you are not appreciating, understanding, or perhaps even validating the perspective of your partner. It is advisable that you appreciate a reality that is different from your own. This is a great way of de-escalating conflicts and figuring out the best solutions.

Infidelity – Cheating will certainly play a very significant role in divorce. Experts say that infidelity usually starts as a seemingly innocent friendship. It will oftentimes begin as an emotional affair, then after some time, it will become a physical affair.

Marrying At A Young Age – Most couples agree that age was a factor in the dissolution of their marriage. In fact, studies show that nearly half of teenage marriages fail.


Unrealistic Expectations – A very important development task that couples must do is to start to allow as well as appreciate the differences that are starting to show up. Those who can navigate this with flexibility will certainly tend to do much better.

Lack of Equality – Most divorces are caused by inequality. If one party feels that an unfair amount of responsibility is placed on him or her, the relationship could be in danger.

Lack of Preparation – Marriage do not usually work out if couples were not yet ready to get into such kind of relationship when they got married. Be reminded that with lack of marital preparation, the union can be filled with problems and struggles. Counselling can actually help them make sure that they are emotionally prepared to handle such kind of union.

Abuse – Splits happen due to domestic violence. Experts say that such process can be more complicated for victims of abuse. Making sure that you are safe before filing for a divorce is very important. It is also advised that must let the people close to you aware of the potential dangers that might come from announcing a divorce. It would be wise to get legal advice.

Indeed, there are lots of factors which are associated with a higher risk for a divorce. More information mentioned here.

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