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What good music means to me — Singer, Galaybanton


Stephen Olaitan Oladeji popularly known as Galaybanton is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and dancer, who has worked with the biggest names in South Africa where he is based. In a recent interview with Showtime Bonushe reveals what good music means to him.

“Good music, simply put, are classics. I mean music that transcends its time, or one that could be played in any era. It is also about making music you yourself are comfortable releasing to the world. It is about what is good to your standard. I don’t make music purely for the fans. Like Henry Ford said, if he asked his customers what they wanted, they would’ve said a faster horse. So, good music must feel good to you that produces it and embraced by the world and it must be evergreen, if it is really good,” he said.

Galaybanton, started his musical journey at the age of 13 years but set the passion ablaze professionally at age of 25. After his graduation from Ibadan Polytechnic, he made a push for his musically career but there was little luck and he had relocate to South Africa where he found luck and fortune.

“I moved to South Africa at the age of 19, this was purely to seek better music opportunities,


knowledge and experience. I had a gut feeling that my music career would take flight here and I

turned out to be right. Being here definitely met my expectations in terms of my musical career, he said.

Galaybanton has extended and shared his harmonious and melodic skills into songs such as; “Oh My Gucci” with Bongani Fassie, “Jika” with Yanga and AKA,”Wraith Ghost Lambo” with Kiddominant (yet to be released) and also worked with the Grammy-nominated producer, Kel P on his soon-to-be released single “Nene”

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