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What is Knotwords? – A New Wordle-Like Game


Wordle was the first daily word game to become a global sensation, and since its runaway success, there have been plenty of variants and other games with similar mechanics. One of these such games is Knotwords.

Endorsed by Wordle creator Josh Wardle, Knotwords has similarities to the aforementioned daily word puzzle but also brings its own unique style with new challenges for players each day.

If you’ve been addicted to Wordle then why not add Knotwords into your daily routine? Before you do, here’s everything you need to know about the latest daily word fix.

What is Knotwords?

Screengrab via Zach Gage

Created by Zach Gage and Jack Schlesinger, Knotwords is at its core a crossword game with a Scrabble-like twist. In this mobile game, you’ll use specific letters to form words and solve the crossword puzzle.


As you start solving the puzzle, things will progressively get easier as you put letters in the right places and begin to form words. These in turn will continue assisting you with forming more words until the puzzle is complete.

You’ll know whether the word you’ve entered is correct or not as incorrect answers will be highlighted with pink marker.

Like Wordle, each day you’ll get a new Knotwords puzzle to test your mind with. These puzzles can be played from the Daily Classic menu option, but there is also a monthly puzzle book with 10 different options for free players and 50 for premium members.

Where can I play Knotwords?

Screengrab via Zach Gage

Knotwords is available to download for free on both the App Store and Google Play Store. Once downloaded, you can join in on the fun with the free options, however, for more puzzles you’ll need to either subscribe for $7.49 a year or pay for a one-time purchase of $17.99.

For now, unlike Wordle there is no way to play Knotwords from your browser, but it is available to purchase for your PC through Steam for around $12.

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