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What to Do When Your Boyfriend Distances Himself – Follow These Tips If You Are Feeling Insecure


Things have begun to go sour in your relationship and you feel that your boyfriend is beginning to pull away and distance himself from you. You are naturally going to feel desperate and afraid of this situation and you want to make sure that this gap is bridged as soon as possible. Read these tips and find out how you can make him grow close to you again.

Check and see if you have really been there for him
If you have neglected your boyfriend and been extremely selfish then it is no surprise that he is feeling hurt and terribly ignored by this treatment. Moreover he is beginning to feel that you are the one who has fallen out of love with him! This is why he has become distant and silent. Change your behavior and be there for him.

Bring back the memories of the passion and romance
Don’t you remember how he could not keep his hands off you? Well all you have to do is make sure that you look as sexy and desirable as you did when you first met. Make him aware that you are still the same girl he fell in love with. Stop being lazy and start seducing him. All he needs is a lot of loving.

Start being romantic again
Hiding little love notes for him to find and doing stuff that makes him feel needed and wanted, will start to ignite those feelings of love and romance. Stoke the fire of your romance and don’t leave him with only the ashes! Make him excited about being with you and try to turn him on! He will automatically get close to you.


Do things together
If you start to show him that you don’t enjoy doing things alone but need him to be with you he will start to believe that you really love and want him. Plan weekends and romantic evenings that will throw you together! Become more passionate and expressive about your love for him and he will find it difficult to be distant with you.

Change yourself to become his ideal girl
If he can see that you are doing your best to become his ideal girl, he will be impressed and touched! The fact that you are doing your best to make the relationship a success will motivate him to do the same. Try not to lounge about in drab and shapeless clothes but instead make him aware of how sexy and beautiful you are inside out!

Don’t smother him
The reason why he could be pulling away and distancing himself from you could be because you have been to demanding and clingy! If he starts to feel claustrophobic and smothered – he is going to run! Give him his space and freedom and he will want to be with you!

A little bit of the same treatment can work wonders
It pays to get him a little jealous at times. If you find him distancing himself and acting like a spoilt child then it could be time to do a little pulling away too! He won’t like it when the boot is on the other foot! The fact that he thinks he’s losing you will make him draw near to you again.

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