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How To Change Color On WhatsApp


One drawback that has always narrowed the nose a bit for users is the ability to customize WhatsApp. While several features have been introduced over time, in reality, the options at the graphical level are not very consistent compared to high-level competitors like Telegram. Of course, this will not be the determining factor that will make you choose which messaging service to use, but let’s be clear: the eye wants its share too. But don’t worry, because if you’ve been trying to figure out how to change color on WhatsApp for a long time , then today you should be in the right place.

I want to tell you from the beginning that most of the operations that I will show you in this tutorial can be done with little tricks or third-party applications. Don’t be discouraged, however, as the instructions I will give you will be clear and detailed. So you don’t have to work too hard to get the most out of my advice.

How to change color on WhatsApp

If you follow the evolution of the world of smartphones, then for several years you will probably notice that at the software level, emerging innovations work more and more “under the skin” and are aimed at optimizing applications and services. Compared to the past, it’s actually hard to find striking GUI flips. With the introduction of material design , especially on Android, the differences are less and less noticeable, both between one manufacturer and another, and between different versions of the same operating system.

How To Change Color On WhatsApp
How To Change Color On WhatsApp

The ability to customize the visible piece of software is increasingly left to developers , so changing colors on WhatsApp is currently only possible to a limited extent. This is a business decision, but, as often happens, you can put your smartphone on to change (at least partially) some details. If you want to know how, all you have to do is give me a few minutes of your time. I will try to guide you towards our goal as easily as possible.

What can you change

The list of details that you can edit on WhatsApp is long, especially in some cases. However, depending on the device you have, be it Android or iOS, you will find limitations one way or another .

Even within the same operating system, thanks to root or jailbreak, you can unlock even more settings. The possibility of success, in this case, depends mainly on the smartphone model at your disposal in terms of Android. While we know that jailbreaking on iOS is more difficult, it is not impossible.

On Android , for example, you can easily edit the following details:

  • The background of the chat;
  • State;
  • Keyboard.

With a little ingenuity, you can also get your hands on the application’s graphical interface and message clouds (called bubbles).

On iOS, changing WhatsApp’s color is a bit tricky, but you can change some basic settings like interface color or text formatting.

Don’t forget that you can also set up WhatsApp Web . This being a browser interface is really very easy to modify and I will show you how to do it.


The operating system created by Apple has always been highly regarded by users for most of the features it offers. In a sense, even if the situation has improved a little, it is customization that is one of the most hidden aspects of the software side. Anyway, you can change the color of WhatsApp on iPhone if you follow my advice.

First, remember that for some time now you have been able to change the WhatsApp background , an option built into the official app and easily accessible to everyone. To do this, simply open the application settings and select the Chat tab . Here, click on background chat and then on background library . You can overlay an image from your smartphone gallery, a solid color wallpaper, or an image from the default library.

Another option that is really very easy to change is your WhatsApp status . Here you can enter different types of text and emoticons , thus making it different from other users. This is usually underestimated, but I can assure you that the results will be very pleasant.

I almost forgot: Without jailbreak, you can change the font size of WhatsApp . You can always do this through the chat settings by changing the Font size part .

Once it’s available, you can activate WhatsApp Dark Mode on your iPhone.


Also on Android, you can customize different shades of colors on WhatsApp through some of the chat options. Of course, the changes are less important than some of the mods that we will see in the next paragraphs, but if I want to avoid an unofficial solution, then this is the easiest way.

Just like on iOS, for example, you can easily change the background of an application . In this case, you can choose a solid color image , an official background, or a photo taken earlier. To go to the dedicated menu, open WhatsApp settings , tap Chat and then Background .

If you want to customize your WhatsApp status , your personal description that your contacts can see, you can do so by following these steps: Go to Settings and click on your profile photo . Here, next to each entry, you will find a pencil symbol that you will need to change status.

Quick tip: If you want to make your WhatsApp status even more enjoyable, you can rely on a site that allows you to add custom fonts . I suggest you try Font Changer, a free and easy-to-use web service. Once you have created an offer, simply copy and paste it to the location provided by WhatsApp. You can of course do everything from your smartphone.

Finally, from the official WhatsApp app, you can also change the font size . This step can be especially helpful if you are having difficulty identifying text.

In this regard, instead of the dark mode , on some versions it can already be activated. Read the guide on How to put WhatsApp Black on Android to find out more.


WhatsApp Web is a messaging application interface available for your PC. Rotating around inside the browser makes it much easier to change colors, and this is the reason why a lot of customizations for WhatsApp Web were born Some of them only persistently modify the CSS data of the rendered HTML page (containing conversations). Others, on the other hand, allow me to modify the HTML page to insert a custom background.

The most interesting free Chrome extension I’ve tried is called W.Beautifier . It can be downloaded for free directly from this address in the Chrome Web Store.

How To Change Color On WhatsApp
How To Change Color On WhatsApp

Once you are logged into WhatsApp Web, you can act on the interface by clicking on the plugin icon . You will then see an interactive menu through which you can change the wallpaper by uploading an image from your PC.

Alternatively, you can use God Mode for WhatsApp , another free extension available on this page of the Chrome Web Store . This browser-integrated application will allow you to change several graphical settings, including allowing you to apply dark mode on WhatsApp Web.

As far as WhatsApp Desktop is concerned, you can currently edit the user interface, but not all of the chat background. Do you want an example? Read on to learn how to make WhatsApp Desktop black.

Chat room

The WhatsApp settings I’ve shown you so far aren’t satisfying? Do not worry about that. There are free third-party services that allow you to change the color of every WhatsApp chat element much more radically .

Remember, however, that WhatsApp is not very fond of alternative solutions , and that there may be cases, albeit very remote, when you lose access to your account, which will be blocked remotely.


One of the nicest changes that can be applied to an instant messaging app is the ability to change the color of WhatsApp messages . With some tweaks, in fact, you can completely change the style of your conversations.

On Android , this is possible thanks to the use of GBWhatsApp , a well-known mod that allows a number of customizations that would otherwise be unavailable. After installing and activating the application (don’t forget to save chats), you can use many themes or create your own theme , thus changing the clouds containing messages and their color.

On the iPhone , however, this type of solution is more difficult to achieve. However, if you are planning to jailbreak or plan to jailbreak in the future, you might want to use a really interesting alternative app, Watusi . This setting will allow you to change the font and color of your chats with a simple click of a button, allowing you to customize your experience with the application.

If you are interested in learning more about these apps, I suggest you read the tutorial on changing WhatsApp theme that I already wrote.


In addition to WhatsApp colors, you also can modify the text by changing color , and font . Thus, you can give the application your own color, even by choosing the method you prefer.

For this, there is not only GBWhatsApp or Watusi. In fact, there are numerous third party apps available in stores. I suggest you try this:

  • BlueWords – Android
  • Fantastic Text – Android
  • Best font – iOS
  • Color Text Herald – iOS

You can choose from dozens of different styles and color the text to suit different tones.


If you want to extend these settings to WhatsApp states as well , you can take advantage of the color stories feature that is already present in the app. You will find it by going into the Status section and clicking on the pencil symbol .

On the new page that opens, you can write a proposal by changing the fonts and colors using the interactive drawing options that will be offered to you.


For some time now, both iOS and Android have introduced the ability to use third-party keyboards . This option will allow you to download and install applications that are much more colorful and full of options, both for writing and for sending messages.

After a long struggle between the various services that decided to take this path, there are three options left to consider. First – Gboard , the Google keyboard available for Android, and for iOS and complete the settings.

SwiftKey has also done a really good job creating a colorful alternative keyboard with tons of extra features. Although some paid themes are available, most of the options are offered to users for free. You can download it via Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

Finally, if you are looking for another keyboard for WhatsApp, I suggest you also download Fleksy , colorful and minimalist. In this case, the writing system is also designed to make inserting words easier and faster. You can find it by connecting to this Google Play Store address (if you’re using Android) or this App Store page (if you’re using iOS).

Yes, you read that right, for the most part, this is the keyboard app that I already recommended in the WhatsApp shutdown guide. Some of them are also suitable for this purpose.

Graphical interface

As I explained earlier, GBWhatsApp and Watusi are the fastest way to draw a WhatsApp interface by making a number of graphical changes that are widely appreciated by users. With these services, you can change the fonts, colors, sizes and structure of the user interface, going in depth even in the smallest detail.

You should also be aware that between late 2019 and early 2020, Dark Mode WhatsApp , which will be especially useful for OLED screens, should take over. Thus, you can use predominantly dark colors, significantly reducing eye fatigue. Now this seems to be the standard for many applications, as well as for many devices (including PCs). To learn more, read How to turn WhatsApp black.


Ever since emoticons for WhatsApp were first introduced, the development team has worked hard to bring more and more content to your screen. Emoji , in fact, in addition to multiplication, have also become customizable.

Changing the color of WhatsApp emoticons is actually very simple: after you have chosen which one to put in a conversation, simply press and hold it and then tap on the one you prefer. The second time you select the same WhatsApp face, your preferences will be saved.

If you want to create different colorful emoticons for WhatsApp , you can do so on your iPhone . iOS memoji , in fact, have been specially designed to meet all your customization needs. For more information, read How to use Memoji on WhatsApp.

Whatsapp icon

If you followed my instructions for this letter, by now you will be able to radically customize the world’s most widely used instant messaging application. However, there is one more detail that you can customize and that is the color of the WhatsApp icon . I’m telling you right now that, unfortunately, this procedure is not (at least for the moment) not possible on iOS.

On Android , on the other hand, you just have to use any alternative launcher like the new launcher or something. These apps essentially let you customize your drawer with custom icon packs that differ in color and shape from the default ones.

Finding cool icons on Android is also a piece of cake: just type “Icon Pack ” in the Play Store search bar to see hundreds of results. I suggest you try Mint Icons free and very nice package.

With these free launchers and add-ons, you can easily change the WhatsApp icon and its color. You will be able to “make a pendant” with your custom Android theme.


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