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WhatsApp Group – Step By Step How To Create A WhatsApp Group


WhatsApp Groups have dramatically changed the way you communicate with friends, family, and colleagues. Thanks to the application of the instant messaging system, for many years now you have been able to communicate directly with anyone, anywhere in the world. But what you don’t know, at least in theory, are the speakers that drive these types of chats. Therefore, today I will explain in detail how to create a WhatsApp group.

You are most likely wondering what this information is that you do not already know. You should know that while almost all users know how to open multiple chats on WhatsApp, few know all the options that you can use. If you are interested in this topic, then I can only advise you to stay in touch and devote a few minutes of your time to this tutorial.

How to create a WhatsApp group.

Creating a WhatsApp group may seem extremely simple, and in fact millions of users do it every day without too much trouble. What then prompted me to write this guide? Aside from creating the group itself, you may not be aware that this way of interacting provides you with many customization options .

However, I am getting enough questions on this topic. So I feel like a good time to start dispelling some of the questions, trying to explain as simply as possible some dynamics that I take for granted. Ready to start? Well, then I advise you to sit still and not miss a word of what I am about to tell you.

Preliminary operations

Before creating a WhatsApp group, there are a number of tasks that need to be planned in detail. First (but this can almost be taken for granted) you need to choose a theme for the group . Many users use a messaging app for work chat or organizing an event. But that doesn’t have to be your goal.

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Once you have made your decision, you will need to choose who to include in the group . Because of this, it can be helpful to check that you have the phone numbers of all the participants you want to add (these should be stored in the phone book). You can of course come back to this later, but I would not recommend it.

Now, however, it’s time to choose who to designate as an administrator . The administrator of a WhatsApp group has a number of high privileges, such as being able to add new members, fetch members, or change group settings. In any case, I advise you not to add more than two or three administrators. Otherwise, I can assure you, the conversation can become very chaotic.

Now that you’ve developed your action plan, all you have to do is figure out how to open multiple chats on WhatsApp through the app.

Create a new WhatsApp group

You don’t need who knows what resources to create a new WhatsApp group . All you need is an Android or iOS smartphone, as well as storing the numbers of the ones you want to add to the phone book . Alternatively, you can use a computer (but contacts should always be added via a smartphone).

If this is your first time doing this, don’t worry. I assure you, once you finish driving, everything will become very clear to you. Read on to explore the topic further.


Android , at first, was a little “blown up” by WhatsApp. The messaging app was actually only released in the early stages on iOS. Fortunately, the little green robot soon caught up, and to date, updates to the two apps are continuing in a similar fashion. Then you can create a WhatsApp group on Android in various ways.

To continue, first open the WhatsApp app and once on the home page, click on the three dots in the upper right corner. Here, select New Group .

WhatsApp Group – Step By Step How To Create A WhatsApp Group
WhatsApp Group – Step By Step How To Create A WhatsApp Group

Now it’s time to add contacts to chat. Remember that you cannot add more than 256 members to one group . These numbers, however, should allow any person to act without any special problems (alternatively, you can use the supergroups “Telegram” without restrictions). When you’ve finished making your selections, click on the green arrow at the bottom.

At this stage, you need to select the group object and its image . I suggest that you think carefully about what you are going to create. If this is a “fun” group with friends, you can have fun as you please. If you want to interact with colleagues at work, I suggest you stick to a more formal tone.

After completing the operation, you will find a new group at the top of the conversation list and you can start chatting in complete freedom. You can even take a look at him if you want, so you can always keep an eye on him.


Similarly, you can create a WhatsApp group on iOS . The passages are almost completely identical. However, there are still some GUI differences that this paragraph will help you with bridging.

Proceed to unlock your iPhone and open the WhatsApp app . Here go to the ” Chat” tab , select the ” New chat” option and after “New group”.

Now select the contacts in the address book that you want to add to the group and select them. Again, you will have the option to add a maximum of 256 members .

The next step, just like on Android, is to choose a name and a photo of the WhatsApp group. As always, try to choose carefully based on your chat usage. You can then complete the wizard by selecting the Create option .

After that, you can start writing in the group by simply sending a message. The rest of the contacts will receive a notification that they have been added to the group, and can also start sharing multimedia files (photos, videos, GIFs, voice notes, files and documents) or sending messages as part of the conversation. These steps can of course vary depending on the group settings you choose.


Never used WhatsApp Web or the desktop app? These two communication tools can be really helpful, especially if you spend a lot of time in front of your computer. If you still don’t know this really handy alternative, it might be time to use it for the first time.

First, connect to the WhatsApp web service and scan the QR code that appears on your PC screen using the WhatsApp app. This can be done by following the link “ Настройки” > “Веб-путь WhatsApp”.

Now, in the upper left corner, click on the New Chat icon and select New Group . Then select the participants you want to add to the chat. After that, click on the green arrow (which appears at the bottom) to continue. Now write the group object and upload the image (this is fine in both JPG and PNG). Then confirm the creation of the group by clicking on the button with a white check mark on a green background .

Let me remind you that the same operation can be performed by connecting to the messaging service through an app for Windows 10 or MacOS. You can download it through the download page on the WhatsApp website .

Participants guide

Now that you’ve figured out how to create a WhatsApp group, it’s time to look at how to manage members . As I said before, as the founder of the group, you will automatically get the role of administrator. In addition, you can never be excluded from contributors, moderators or any other admins (for security reasons).

To access the group management, just click on the group name in the panel at the top of the chat. You will see a list of participants and some options.

By clicking on the names of the participants , you can open an additional menu that will allow you to do the following:

  • Inform the contact;
  • Show contact;
  • Make him an administrator;
  • Delete contact;
  • Confirm the encryption code.

You can use these options to customize the role of the members, their participation in the group, or even the type of multiple chat. Read on to see what I mean about the last statement.


Did you know that you can create a WhatsApp group with just yourself ? I’m sure the benefits of this practice may not be clear to you, but in fact, you may have a good reason for doing so. Having a WhatsApp group will allow you to store photos, videos and other types of data in a chat, like in a telegram. Then you have a kind of real-time cloud storage service, completely free and with no space restrictions.

To follow this path, the steps are really simple. Once the group is created, you just need to access the list of members (as I showed you in the previous paragraph) and delete them one at a time. You will have a personal WhatsApp group.

Change WhatsApp Group Settings

In addition to adding or removing contacts, you can use the handy options on the WhatsApp Groups Management page to change your user experience .

To view the parameters of a chain, just click on the Group settings element . In this section, you can configure various parameters so that you can create different types of groups. Let’s see what it is.


Using the options I just described, you can create a WhatsApp group that only admins can write to . This practice can be especially useful in informative chat, where you simply post a series of announcements that don’t require a response or discussion.

In the group settings, select Send messages . Then select the Administrators only option and after confirmation. The effect will be immediate.


Another option that you probably don’t know about is sharing a WhatsApp group via links . Thanks to this, even if you do not have a contact number in your address book, you can simply send the link through any communication application (for example, the WhatsApp application itself) or via social networks (for example, Facebook or Instagram). Then that person will be able to touch it and enter it automatically.

By default, this feature is active and available to all members of the group. If you don’t want everyone to use it, you’ll have to turn off link sharing . This practice is very easy indeed. After going to the settings menu, click on the “Invite via link” link . On the next screen, to remove this invitation method, click the Revoke Link button and confirm your action.

Other types of WhatsApp group

These were the most common cases for which you might want to create a WhatsApp group. I must say that there are others.

Below I have included some considerations related to different types of situations, obviously related to the types of WhatsApp groups that can be generated by the application. I suggest that you read these procedures so that you can fill in any doubts on this matter.


Are you going to clone multiple chats to deal with different topics with the same members? Then you can import the WhatsApp group from another group . Unfortunately, you should be aware that this feature is not included in the official app. Luckily, however, you can overcome the limitations without unnecessary headaches.

First, make sure you save the number of all group members in your address book . Thus, by creating a new chat, you can easily add users.

The scenario I just gave you is obviously applicable if it had few members. In that case, you have to do it differently. In particular, you can send a link to a new WhatsApp group in another multiplayer chat. Please just ask politely to follow him so these people can join the new group conversation.

If you just want to change the theme of a group and are its founder or administrator, then there is no need to create another one. In fact, you can apply the settings to the current group :

  • Change the name, object and image of the group;
  • Cancel or add admins, moderators, or members.

However, before performing any operation, you will also have the option to save your conversation history. However, I remind you that, at least for now, chat history cannot be restored from one group to another. So in this case it would be better to modify the one that is currently active.


Do you have friends you regularly hear on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and would like to create a WhatsApp group with them? In theory, you already know that in order to add users to a chat, you need their phone numbers to be saved in your address book. It’s true, but if you couldn’t find them and didn’t bother asking everyone, how could you? Just use the link to the invitation .

The WhatsApp invite link allows you to add more people without having their phone number. Once copied, you can send this link to Facebook, email, or even SMS. If recipients have installed the WhatsApp application, then after clicking on the link, they will instantly be added to the group.


Now is the time to analyze a possibly infrequent but very interesting alternative. If you have an Excel file of phone numbers and want to add them to a WhatsApp group, how to do it?

First, I recommend that if you don’t already have a Gmail account , create one. After completing the registration, it is enough to save the Excel file in CSV format (ie with the extension .csv) and import it into Google Contacts . You can access this platform at this address.

After importing, all you need to do is sync your Google account with your smartphone. Thus, in a few minutes you will be able to see the new contacts in the address book . As a result, you will also see them on WhatsApp. If not, update your WhatsApp contacts.


Are you familiar with the WhatsApp broadcast option ? This mode allows you to send a message to multiple users at the same time. To many, this practice may seem very similar to group chats. In fact, broadcast lists work very differently.

By sending a broadcast message, users will only be able to respond to you individually . This means that all the dynamics of the real group will be lost. There will be no debate.

I advise you to only use broadcast messages for specific purposes and not replace groups. In this regard, I invite you to take a look at my dedicated in-depth section, in which I explain how to create a broadcast list on WhatsApp.


It would be great to create an anonymous WhatsApp group , wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, however, this option is not currently available (and who knows if it will be introduced). The same secret Telegram chats are now available exclusively in single-user mode (I mentioned this application because it is known to implement such features).

Note, however, that on WhatsApp, although end-to-end encryption is enabled, the phone number is always shown to other members . Therefore, as things currently stand, an anonymous group in which you appear invisible to others would be impractical.

But if you want to look for alternative routes, you can read my tutorial on the best secret chat apps. In it you will find interesting solutions (free of charge).


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