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Why Can’t I Make it In Online Business? Part II


Having established the fact that an adequate up to date knowledge is necessary to become a success in online business, I want to use this opportunity to go a step further in providing solution to the strange question of my friend who I said in the first part of this article asked me with frustration written all over his face this amazing question “why can’t I make it in online business.”

I like to quickly add here that success online hinges not only on the knowledge of the business, it depends at the same time also on other factors, chief among these factors is online coach or mentorship.

Let me state clearly here that no man is an island in the school of knowledge, every man’s success his designed to hinge on the soldier of men who have passed ahead of him.

This is the reason why every great talent is known to have a coach, no one has ever become great on his own and by himself..

I like the word of the renown online marketer and traffic exchanger, Mark Widawer on the issue of mentorship, he said and I quote ” It doesn’t matter what field they’re in, or how long they’ve been at it. The people who succeed — whether rank beginners, passionate intermediates or committed experts — they ALL have coaches.”

He said he interviewed some people who made it online some years ago to learn of the secrets to their success, he said each of them identified different things as the key to their success but all had one thing in common, “they ALL told me that someone else showed them those secrets.”

Even the word of God made it point clear that life useful elements are hidden in secrets, made known only when it is revealed. This is the reason why it takes discovery to recover.

It means then that recovery becomes easy when the footsteps of the people who have already discovered is carefully followed.

When a man was asked to disclose the major secret to his success, he replied that all was as a result of leaning on the soldiers of those who has gone ahead of him.

There is no faster approach to success online and in life in general than to closely follow the footsteps or completely lean on the soldiers of those whose experience in your chosen field of endeavour has earned them the dream you desire.

This I believe explain the reason why every sport man usually have a coach.

Mark Widawer has this to say as I quote ” Michael Jordan is arguably one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He had a coach, too…for his entire career. It’s the same coach that Kobe Bryant has right now, Phil Jackson.”

Every man known today as an online success has a testimony of a mentor behind their stories.


People of remarkable achievements in online business such as Stone Evans, Gerry Carson, Dustin Cannon, Jeff Shuman, Jeff Herring and many more that cannot be mentioned had one person or the other as the brain behind their successes.

If every successful online marketer got their desired success through the tutelage of an online coach, how do you think you will get yours without a need for one?

I was also lost in the field sometimes ago not knowing how to make the first dime. I tried every business my financial and geographical situations could allow me to do, spent all I had and was at the edge of going bankrupt, yet, I was far away from making money. Each time I made an attempt to quit, I usually stumbled on news of one man or the other somewhere who is making good money online.

Usually being encouraged by their stories, I tried to join the same business through which they made it hoping it will give me a different and ever smiling experience. My excitement usually continue for some months until I am made to know that I was still in the same old rotten circle.

I was suffering and smiling in this whole thing for heaven knows how long until one day I came into contact with my online mentor.

From that day forward, my online story began to change from nothing to something and from zero to surplus..

My candid and sincere advise to all that want to make it in online business therefore is that the road to success online cannot be tread all alone. Success online is a function of who you follow.

I want to believe this is also the reason why the Master had to tell his disciples in a clean clear term, follow me and I will make you…

Even the nature teaches that man is a product of who he follows, this is the reason why a proverb in my dialect says ” aguntan to ba baja rin yio jegbe”. This means a sheep that walks with a dog will end up feasting on dungs.

The company you keep will go a long way in determining the height you attained. After all, bad communication corrupt good manner.

I urge you to locate a mentor today and jump start your online business into the realm of unlimited potentials.

See you on top

Source by Prosper Adekunle Benjamin

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