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Why PM Modi imposed Janata curfew?


If you are not infected by coronavirus, why you should go under self-isolation for 14 days?

Why PM Modi imposed Janata curfew?

Hyderabad: A person may have got infected by coronavirus but he may not be knowing it. In his daily routine, he may be meeting at least 10 persons daily and infecting them.   He will come to know of the infection only after 14 days when coronavirus starts showing its symptoms.

During those 14 days he may have infected 140 people and these 140 people may infect 1,400 people in another 14 days. Now, imagine the rate at which the virus is spreading.


This is why Prime Minister Modi has imposed an a14-hour curfew on Sunday, March 22 and Telangana State Chief Minister extended it to March 31.
Not only Prime Minister, but also world leaders are requesting their public to stay indoors.

World Health Organisation (WHO) until recently was of the opinion that coronavirus is not airborne. Now, they have changed their position. They say further research has confirmed that Covid-19 is airborne and can remain for 8 hours in the air. Therefore, the people are required to wear the mask too.

Deshmukh, President of Microbiologists Society, India (MSI) has stated that if ‘Janata Curfew’ is not extended for another two weeks and if social distance is not maintained strictly, then by the end of April hospitals will be full of patients and situation will become totally unmanageable.

Anand Mahindra, Chairman and Managing Director of Mahindra Group, has cautioned that India may be in stage 3 with the speed that the coronavirus is spreading.  He said that we are lacking in hospitals and ventilators. His factory is going to start manufacturing ventilators immediately and will also convert Mahindra holiday resorts in to temporary quarantines.

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