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Why we partner Actis on Rack Centre — Jagal


Leading Nigerian conglomerate in energy businesses and manager of a diverse portfolio of investments, Jagal, has explained that to face the future with double assurance is why it allowed another giant investor of private capital into global emerging markets, Actis, to invest in its data centre colocation and cloud services, Rack Centre.

Recall that last week, it was announced that Actis has acquired a majority stake in Nigeria’s provider of data centre colocation and cloud services, Rack Centre, a company established and wholly owned by Jagal.

CEO of Jagal, Maher Jarmakani, said: “Jagal is excited with its new partnership. Rack Centre has developed into a leading and respected African brand and now at a critical stage for investment and growth. Actis understands global and emerging markets and will be a fantastic partner for the next phase of the Rack Centre journey.”

Meanwhile, Actis said its decision to invest was taken after a detailed assessment of the players in the African market where Rack Centre was selected as company with the most significant potential to grow and expand in Africa.


Commenting on the development, Head of Real Estate at Actis, David Morley, said: “We have been tracking the data centre market in Africa closely, building relationships with key operators and customers. Africa is at an inflection point and we expect to see an explosion in growth of demand for hosting capacity in independently owned data centres across the continent.

“We are excited about this new partnership with Rack Centre and its parent company Jagal.  Together they have built a strong business of international repute, hosting a compelling mix of customers ranging from leading Nigerian corporates to global cloud majors.”

Also, Rack Centre MD, Dr Ayotunde Coker, expressed great honour at leading the growth of Rack Centre to become one of the most respected carrier neutral data centre brands in West Africa.

He said: “Rack Centre is now at a key juncture and my team and I are excited to be part of the future growth. With over 750kW of installed capacity, it is now doubling capacity to 1.5MW of IT power at the current location on a trajectory to 10MW.”

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