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Why Women Leave And What You Can Do


You are dating a woman and everything seems to be going great until she suddenly stops texting you to ask how your day went, she doesn’t take walks like she once did, and when together, she looks at her phone or just half interested in the conversation. 

Both men and women distance themselves from relationships for many reasons, and when you feel disconnected from someone, it can be difficult to know what’s going on.

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If you’re worried about why the woman you’re with is pulling away, it may not be for the reasons you think. And it may not be that important.

Here are 12 common reasons women abandon relationships, even if they like the guy they work with: 

1.You don’t want to trust her.

Even if a woman really likes you, she will turn you off if you resist her. For example, if she wants to be exclusive and you don’t, she might just give it up. Or, if she wants to move, but you’re happy with the way things are, she can back down to relieve herself of the mental pain.

“Guys have to admit that very few women are going to be forever in the more mobile phases of dating and relationships. If you really like her, ask her to commit or keep going, ”says a relationship expert and dating coachDavid Bennett .


2. She has feelings for someone else.

Many women pull away because they have feelings for someone else. She may never have planned to be interested in anyone else, but it just happened. Or maybe she didn’t even realize that she liked this other person.

“Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about it, except perhaps become more like the guy she seems to be hanging out with,” Bennett says.

3. She realized she was acting too hard.

It’s hard to hide your excitement when you first start dating someone you really like. And if a woman is afraid that she was too anxious at first, she may back down.

“A lot of women will pull back if they later feel like they’re out of control too much and feel like their date is overwhelmed,” says Amika Graber, relationship expert and blogger at Dialed In.

4. You don’t open up emotionally.

Women often give guys the opportunity to doubt their abilities, but they will pull back if they feel that the guy is an emotional brick wall. It’s hard to flaunt yourself if you don’t get anything in return.

“Showing emotion is about being honest and keeping in touch with her,” explains Bennett. “This does not mean that you have to cry all the time. Express what you feel more often. ”


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5. She does not see the future with you.

Some women pull away when trying to end relationships instead of ending them right now. Maybe she thought you were someone else when you first got together, or realized that there is simply no chemistry. If the relationship is just getting started, or you haven’t even officially announced yourself yet, she is likely to let the relationship fade. This may seem like a passive-aggressive approach, but men and women alike often back away from it.

Why Women Leave And What You Can Do
Why Women Leave And What You Can Do

6. She feels unloved or underestimated.

According to Dr. Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D., psychotherapist and author of Dr. A romantic guide to finding love today. ” Women act on the connecting hormone oxytocin, which responds to kindness, caring, and gentle non-sexual touch. If she doesn’t get them from you, she may not be thrilled with your connection.

7. She gets feelings too quickly.

“Some women move away because they want to keep the relationship within certain boundaries (for example, not exclusive), and they catch feelings and cannot deal with them,” explains Bennett. If you think she might be afraid of feeling too strong too quickly, try talking to her and comforting her.

8. She feels abandoned.

“A recent study found that 70% of cheaters felt neglected before cheating,” says Graber. If her partner is focused on things outside of the relationship, she may feel like she has receded into the background. “While it may sound trivial, compliments and small romantic gestures can go a long way in keeping your relationship alive.”

9. She is bored.

If a woman notices that all of her friends on social media are traveling and looking for adventure with their partner, but the peak of romance for her is associated with takeaway and Netflix, she will not be thrilled to stay another Friday night. If she feels like the relationship has been stuck in a rut lately, she’s likely to get out of it.

10. It seems to her that you only want sex, not love or affection.

“When you pay attention to her just because you want sex, your woman will feel disrespectful and unloved,” says Tessina. “Not perceived as a person.”

Even if she gets addicted to it at first, when all these hormones spike, after a while, if she doesn’t start to feel like your girlfriend, she will distance herself.

11. She may have problems from a previous relationship or from childhood.

“A woman who has been abused in her past relationships or as a child can easily become frightened and withdrawn if you raise your voice (even if you’re not angry) or make her feel threatened,” Tessina says.

12. She gasps.

“While most women love intimacy and intimacy, there is such a thing as too much intimacy,” Tessina says. “If you’re together all the time, she might step back to get some space.” It’s best to give her that space and see if she starts to approach again.

If you are concerned that the woman you are with is withdrawing from you, it is helpful to know the possible reasons, but you will not know for sure why she is withdrawing until you talk to her. This should not be a serious conversation, it should be simple: “Hi, everything is fine”.


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