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Will Skyrim Anniversary Edition Be Available On GamePass?


Skyrim is a legendary game that has spawned a million memes due to its constant re-releases. First released in 2011 on Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, it was the fifth main installment of the massive Elder Scrolls RPG series. 

Since that initial release, the game has also come out on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series X/S, leading to a popular joke among gamers saying that Skyrim will never stop coming out. 

Now, to celebrate ten years of the game, Bethesda is releasing Skyrim Anniversary Edition. What is this new game, and can you play it on Xbox Game Pass?

Skyrim Anniversary Edition is said to be the most definitive version of Skyrim ever to be released. Obviously, this version includes the base Skyrim game that fans know and love. It will come with the game’s original DLC packs, entitled Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn.

On top of this, it will also include 48 previously released Creation Club items and 26 new items from the Creation Club. These items represent over 500 new gameplay elements featuring everything from new weapons to new mechanics and quests.


This includes the much-hyped fishing questline, which will allow players to grab a rod and cast off into Skyrim’s many rivers and lakes. On top of this, the Anniversary Edition also includes many improvements to help the game run better on newer next-gen hardware. 

This means that even Skyrim veterans will find something new to entertain them.

First launched in 2017, Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that works on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One consoles, and PC. 

Those who subscribe to the service gain access to a revolving library of games that can be played without additional purchase, allowing you to dive into hundreds of different games from various publishers. 

Yes, Skyrim Anniversary Edition will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. On Nov. 11, those who have an active Game Pass subscription can play the game.

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