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World Kidney Day: Women give a second life to kidney patient


Hyderabad: Giving away one’s organs is not that easy thing. Of all, kidney donation is treated as the greatest one. Because both donor and receiver have to live with a single kidney for the rest of their lives. In India, most of the men hesitate to donate their kidneys to near and dear. But, women, who give birth, are giving second birth to so many patients. On the eve of World Kidney Day, KIMS hospitals would like to bring to light two such cases, where men survived because of the kidney donations by two women.

Younger sister saves brother’s life

Mr. Gururaj (36) is working as a marketing executive in Hyderabad. Basically he is from Adoni of Kurnool district. His younger sister Laxmidevi (33), who works as a teacher also stays at Hyderabad. Gururaj had a complaint of blurred vision in January 2019 and consulted doctor, who said that he is suffering from high BP. He followed the prescription and continued his job. Gururaj used to drink during weekends, but quit that habit as he was getting vomiting. On the pressure from his mother and sister, he consulted a doctor in January 2020.

At that time, his BP reading was as high as 240. The doctor told him that both the kidneys are damaged, and advised him to get admitted immediately. For two months, he is on dialysis. Meanwhile, Laxmidevi came forward to donate her kidney and save brother’s life. “My sister gave me a second life. Dr. Saharia and Dr. VS Reddy have successfully transplanted the kidney at KIMS hospital on Friday. Now everything seems to be fine”, says Gururaj.

Daughter gives life to father

Jatin Das (65) is from Gauhati, the capital city of Assam. He runs a PG accommodation there. He is diabetic for the last 10 years. The kidney tissue was also detected before some two years. He is suffering from high BP too.

Though he has undergone some treatment at Gauhati, the proper result was not found. At that time, he heard about Dr. Saharia of KIMS and came all through the way to get treated by him before two months. Jatin Das has a daughter (32), who stays at Hyderabad due to her husband’s bank job.


She came forward to donate one of her kidneys and save her father’s life. “The doctors opted dialysis first. Later, as my daughter was willing to donate her kidney, Dr. Saharia performed the transplantation on Sunday. I am recovering now”, he said happily.

Women donate the most

Dr. Saharia, chief transplantation surgeon of KIMS hospitals spoke on this occasion. He says, “It is said that, behind every successful man, there is a woman. To be healthy both mentally and physically is also a success.

When one’s kidneys are damaged and have to be changed, it is life-threatening. Even immediate blood relatives also hesitate to donate their kidneys. But here in these two cases, women came forward and donated. In India, women donate the most. Mother, wife and sisters are giving second life to their near and dear”.

KIMS achieves unique milestone

KIMS Hospitals Kidney Transplant Unit achieves a unique milestone of successfully performing over 1100 Kidney Transplants in a single facility. This Unit offers comprehensive and end to end treatment for all Kidney related procedures. The dedicated team of Kidney Transplant Surgeons, Nephrologists, Urologists and critical care teams along with State-of-the-art infrastructure at KIMS Hospitals makes it one of the best Kidney Transplant units in India.


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