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You can’t replace a dad no matter what — Toyin Lawani to single mums


celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani has shared her thoughts on women blocking fathers from seeing their kids, as a way of punishment when a relationship goes bad.

Sharing a photo of Lord Trigg, her son’s father on Instagram, the serial entrepreneur and fashion goddess insisted that a woman can’t replace a father no matter how hard she tries.

She captioned the photo thus “A lot of people don’t realize the meaning of friendship, it’s about understanding, you don’t have to jump into bed with each other.


Knowing you have brought a great thing to life, for the betterment and mental state of the being that didn’t beg you people to bring him or her to life, you have to make it all work out, you don’t have to be close, but you can let them feel fatherly love, if a kid grows up in a divided home, they will grow up thinking like that and acting like that and that’s how they will treat women.

But when you show a united front in front of them, they will know better, even when you turn back 5 seconds later and curse each other out, you must find the inner strength to show up for important things for your kids. No woman can ever replace the space of a father in life, no matter how much you try or how hard we work we can’t replace dads.

Men will always fuck up, some won’t even support in caring for the kid and feel entitled and even if you replace their fathers space with a good role model, they will still grow up knowing that ain’t their papa, but you have to look past that and show a united front for your kids.

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