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Your Husband Says He Wants to Be Alone – Critical Advice For Wives in This Situation


Your husband says he wants to be alone and you desperately love him. This is a heartbreaking situation for any woman to find herself in. You feel rejected, confused and unsure of exactly where your marriage stands. Being overwhelmed is obviously natural when you realize that your husband would rather be alone than be with you. However, unless you act quickly, you may not be able to save the marriage.

When your husband says he wants to be alone your first reaction is likely going to be to try and convince him that he’s making a huge mistake. Most women react this way and although they feel it will be beneficial, it actually can cause even more damage to the already delicate situation. Fighting your husband on such a personal matter that he feels so strongly about will only serve to cause more distance between the two of you. You’ll actually fare better and have more chance of saving the marriage, if you let him go, for now.

Giving your husband space can actually work in your favor. If he says he wants to be alone and you afford him the chance to have that, he’ll know that you respect his needs. In fact, he’ll recognize that you are placing your own needs to the back burner in favor of his. He’ll appreciate this gesture more than you know.


Also, if your husband wants some time alone and you give it to him, you’re forcing him to face life without you. If he decides to move out, don’t try and contact him for a few weeks. Leave that to his discretion. What you want is to create a situation that forces him to truly understand the depth of his decision. Often what happens to married couples when they reach this point is the one wanting the distance, starts to recognize the gravity of being all alone and it instantly changes their mind.

Trying to keep your husband with you when he wants to be alone isn’t the answer. When a man is unwilling to work with his wife to iron out their differences, holding him hostage with guilt within the home isn’t going to help. If you can muster up the courage to allow him to leave you’ll truly stand the best chance of getting him back. A small taste of life without you will help him see just how much you really do mean to him.

Source by Gillian Reynolds

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