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How To Print WhatsApp Messages


The messaging service offered by WhatsApp has become a very useful tool for exchanging information using an Internet connection, with the confidence that the recipient receives our communication in almost real time, wherever he is, as long as he is connected to the Internet. The contextual ability to send documents and images, which once required the use of paid messaging services, today offers a very challenging experience full of important perspectives for both individuals and companies that use this application by connecting it to their mobile users.

It was the fixed and inevitable link between our WhatsApp account and our mobile phone number (which, of course, was registered with our mobile provider) that gave WhatsApp a semblance of “officiality”: this means that many people, sometimes interpreting to some extent the personal dictates of certain regulatory of acts, began to believe that a message sent through this service can replace in all respects certain other means (such as registered letters), based on the principle that there is a kind of “receipt for reading”. In addition, the mass distribution made an application for the use of scenarios of an illegal nature of various kinds, where the presence of a telephone number by which it would be possible to assign an account would be of the greatest interest in terms of identifying the responsible person.For these reasons, you may also wonderhow to print WhatsApp messages . In this guide, I’ll show you how.

How to print WhatsApp messages

In many situations, it can be helpful to print WhatsApp chats on paper so you can read them and keep them away from your phone. Obviously, however, the utmost care must be taken to assess why this is so. No, not only because these are private conversations, but also because in order to use them in contexts other than your personal sphere, you must be guided by a professional.

From a legal point of view, I would like to point out that this guide does not replace or contain any legal adviceTherefore, I will not be held responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information: you act at your own risk.

When is it useful to print WhatsApp messages.

Except in private and free use cases, where you can do what you want, like typing WhatsApp-related messages or school-related messages, just to better read the text, you cannot give a hypothetical example of why you you may need to print the conversations on paper.

However, you can imagine that this is important information , more or less serious: a subpoena, a notice of dismissal, or even a message containing insults (verbal attacks) and various threats. Keep in mind that in all these cases, if you need to contact a lawyer, he will tell you exactly what to do, and then which mode to choose – among the various available, which I will explain shortly – to start copying and printing messages. This is for obvious procedural and practical reasons that I cannot deal with here.

Therefore, if you are in such a situation, you can try to list the various options for your trusted professional to agree on which one suits you best. In addition, it may be useful for you to know that notaries are authorized to “certify the compliance of the original copies made on a computer or paper with documents generated in any medium and presented to it ” (Article 73notarial law); this means that if the reasons are particularly serious, it may be useful for you to contact a trusted notary, taking with you the mobile phone on which the chats are located. The notary will verbalize exactly what appears on the screen, usually by verifying the authenticity of some screenshots of your smartphone (I’ll show you the best way to do this shortly).

How To Print WhatsApp Messages
How To Print WhatsApp Messages

The advantage of this solution is that it allows, over time, to safely correct the existence of some messages (since the notarial deed has a specific date and time), but it is obvious that it does not prove either the identity of the sender, or that they were not subsequently changed: this is just a very formal way of presenting chat content. Obviously, this is a paid procedure, the amount of which must be agreed with the professional you contact.

Preliminary operations

Now let’s see what we need to copy and then print the WhatsApp messages. Firstly, you must have an Internet connection or another protocol for data transfer<span class=””> (Bluetooth, Infrared, USB cable, etc.), as well as some application for opening ZIP files and reading TXT files (text files, plain text). Probably many of the apps you already have on your mobile, including the web browser, allow you to do the latter. On a refreshed iPhone, for example, just use an app called File.

If you plan on printing WhatsApp messages, of course, make sure you have a printer with toner or cartridges that are not limited . The press must be clear and precise. However, it would be better if the printer supports mobile printing protocols .

Through iOS or Android, it is possible to access some printers connected to a local network (Wi-Fi or LAN), albeit with different protocols: for iOS , for example, the printer must be AirPrint compatible . On Android , you can print via Mopria . There are also printers made by companies such as HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, Xerox and others that have their own specialized applications (print plug-ins) to facilitate communication with a smartphone.

My advice, however, is to download the chats on Windows 10 PC, Ubuntu / Linux or Mac and print them from there. This way, you can better control the character legibility and the number of pages received, with a clearer preview of what you see on your mobile phone.

As we will see below with a few examples, chats will be saved and printed with username , yours and others, but not with mobile phone numbers , except in the case of WhatsApp Web / Desktop.

If you want the phone number to be visible even when printing WhatsApp messages from iOS or Android, the only solution is to remove that person’s contact from your address book (even temporarily). Thus, the contact will appear as “unknown”, and with each message it will be possible to read its associated number, including the country code (for example, +39 for Italy).

highly recommend that you try to change the chat by deleting messages and the like, not only for moral reasons, but also because your cheating will be easily exposed (especially if the other party has a copy of the chat, but not only) and you will pay for the consequences if your gesture serves to falsify a real situation.

Print WhatsApp Chats

In the following procedures, I will explain how to print WhatsApp messages using a mobile phone or PC. For this, the simplest solution is to export WhatsApp conversations to TXT, as if you were sending WhatsApp chats by email. Continue reading according to the device you intend to use to perform this operation.


Let’s start with iOS. Go to the chat you are interested in and click on the part where the name (or number) of the contact is displayed (at the top). You will see a tab with chat settings . Scroll down until you find Export to Chat . Click this option. You will then see a window asking you to export only the text chat , or if you also want to export the media .

In both cases , a zip archive containing the export will be created on iOS , i.e. chat in text format and any multimedia files (photos, videos, voice memos, documents and related) separately.

So let’s see how to proceed. Let’s assume that for now you are only interested in chats, not files, so in the settings window you will select the No media option . At this point, iOS will create a ZIP file and ask you how to proceed: you can save it in an application that will open this type of file, or use – as I recommend – the File application already present on the iOS system: in this case, simply select it from the menu that appears. You can of course decide where to physically place the exported chat file in TXT, i.e. whether it is in your mobile phone memory or in iCloud .

To start printing , simply open the zip file through the File application, unzip it (this will happen automatically), and open the resulting text file _chatcontaining the message thread.

Once opened, click on the stock icon that appears in the lower right corner (this is the blue arrow emerging from the square). Several options will be shown here, including “Print” . The rest of the procedure is very intuitive because you simply select this option and set up your AirPrint printer . You may be able to make some corrections to the print format before sending the document to the printer.


Now let’s see how to print WhatsApp chat messages from Android . The procedure is slightly different: firstly, you can access the settings of the chat you are interested in using the “Others” menu (three dots) on the top bar, where the contact’s name is displayed . A submenu will appear where you will need to search and select the Export Chat option , usually found in the Other submenu .

Here you will also see a window for choosing what you want to save, if only the chat text or even a storage medium . For the sake of simplicity, let’s say you only want to keep the text. The operation, however, is almost the same as the media files will also be sent by email or even transferred to another location automatically.

At this point, you will be asked what you want to do with the text (which will be in .txt format). For example, you can save text to GoogleDrive and then access it through the native printer management app you downloaded from the Store. Alternatively, you can send the file to your computer (also by email) and print it from there. Alternatively , if you have a printer that supports Mopria , you can simply click the Print button to get the paper out of your WhatsApp chats in real time.


If you are using WhatsApp on your computer, it is very easy to print WhatsApp messages to TXT . First, connect to the service via WhatsApp Web or via the WhatsApp Desktop app . This can be done using the most common browsers such as Edge, Chrome or Firefox, as well as the most popular operating systems such as Windows 10 or macOS.

After logging in, enter a conversation , group or broadcast to print. Then download the entire chat from start to finish. Finally, select all text in WhatsApp messages. This can be done by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the cursor to highlight the part of the text of interest. After that, just right click on the selection and select the Copy option .

At this point, just paste the text stored in any word processor , such as Notepad for Windows or TextEdit for Linux and MacOS. From there, you can print chats as if they were any document.

The procedure is slightly less straightforward for images, videos, voice memos, and other multimedia files . In this case, you need to click the mouse and download the media files one by one. However, if you are dealing with a lot of media files or documents, I suggest you try installing a free Chrome extension like Backup WhatsApp Chats .

With this add-on you will be able to export your WhatsApp chats in CSV or HTML format . By choosing the last option, you can print the WhatsApp conversation with photos, videos and GIFs. I mean, once it is printed, you will see the same screen as your cell phone on a piece of paper.

How to interpret WhatsApp messages exported to TXT

To clarify what the end result of exporting to TXT is, so that WhatsApp messages and their attachments can be interpreted and then printed correctly, I will give a few examples below.

In the chat text file (which you find in the zipped folder), you will read a text list like this:

[ddata], <clockwise>] +39000000: Hi, how are you?

Hello, how are you?

If you haven’t exported the media where they were in the chat, you will read something like this:

[date], <clockwise>] +39000000: Image omitted.

If you exported text chat and multimedia attachments , then the latter will have a unique name inside the folder, which is automatically created in accordance with this model: progressive number of the chat message (sent or received) – hyphen – document type (for example , if it is a photo, it PHOTOwill be look in uppercase if it is a common document with only file name) – hyphen – date in English (year / month / day ) and sending time (hours / minutes / seconds ) are always separated by hyphens – period – file extension .

Let me give you an example, assuming the chat has just started and the third message (i.e. the second one sent by the other party) is a JPG image:

[ddata], <clockwise>] +39000000: Hi, how are you? Hello, how are you? <date>, <clockwise>]] +39000000: <Attachment: 00003-PHOTO year month day day-hour-minutes-seconds.jpg>

As you may have guessed, in order to restore the chat with the attached files, you will need to physically search for the file with that name in the zipped archive. If you do not want to do this, you should definitely use one of the alternative methods described below.

Other Ways to Print WhatsApp Chats

Without a doubt, a very simple system for printing chats on a phone or PC is to boil them down to images by taking a series of screenshots and then print them sequentially or even record them into videos . Let’s see what we can do.


If you think capturing more than one WhatsApp chat screen might cause slowness, don’t worry. In fact, the problem can be solved by using the Slide Screen option . It allows you to automatically scroll the screen and shoot sequentially to the end.

On Android , in recent versions, you will find this quick option implemented in the dropdown menu. By clicking on the Screen element , you will also find the Scrolling Screen element in the window that appears .

To do this, of course, you will need to go to the beginning of the chat and scroll down. You can then block the receipt by touching the side of the scroll bar (right).

The best app for creating continuous and auto-scrolling screens on the iPhone is Picsew , and you can find it here on the App Store . The only drawback is that it gets paid for.

However, if you are using iOS 13 or later , you can use Safari to connect to the WhatsApp Web site from your mobile phone. After that, enter the chat you are interested in and take a screenshot . Then tap the preview screen to enter the capture editor. In this section, select Full Page . Now press and hold the scroll bar , then drag it to the bottom of the page.

The only drawback of these capture methods is that the final image will be very elongated, resulting in (possible) annoying typing. Either way, you should be able to get a satisfactory result.

Later, you can also convert JPG images to PDF to attach images to a widely supported file type.


Alternatively, instead of typing WhatsApp messages, you can record a short screen video that you are watching in a chat .

Both iOS and Android, in the latest versions, allow you to capture screen video in its original format. All you have to do is enter the conversation or group that interests you, go to the start of the conversation, and start recording the screen . At this point, slowly scroll down and then finish recording.

In this case, the footage will be stored in a gallery or in a roll of a mobile phone. You can export it as you like.

If you don’t know how to proceed, read the guides where I explain how to record screen on Android and how to make screen video on iPhone.


Using the methods described, you will be able to print WhatsApp messages to receive a paper copy of the chat and attachments to it.

However, I remind you that private conversations have a special legal regime . Therefore, it is best if you go to a lawyer to see if you can get rid of it and how you can get rid of it.


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