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Shina Rambo Stories, History, Pictures, is he dead


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Have you ever wondered about the most notorious armed robber in Nigeria? Have questions about Shina Rambo’s father? What about the real name of Shina Rambo.

In this article, we talk about these macabre descriptions surrounding the armed robber, Shina Rambo.

Shina Rambo

Nigeria has a long list of armed robbers who have terrorized cities, streets, and homes across the countries. The story of Shina is not new to the ears. It’s no surprise that the story of Shina Rambo can only be superseded by the late Anini

Shina Rambo History

Shina Rambo was born in a polygamous home. Shina
Rambo attended different schools because he was always suspended or expelled
for stealing and truancy.  His first
expulsion came in primary three, and by primary four, he was already a member
of a cult, which hindered him from pursuing his dreams of becoming a pilot.

His father had legitimate and illegitimate children with careless abandon. He was also known for his corrupt practices, although there are no confirmed reports. A 2016 interview by Shina also highlighted that his father had been involved in criminal activities.

At a very young age, Shina Rambo was
exposed to guns and all kinds of weaponry. His father had them at homes, and
before long, he could dismantle all types of artillery. One day, his father saw
him doing such and almost killed him with a cutlass, which left a deep gash in
his leg.

After primary school, Shina Rambo and his
parents moved to Benin, where he began sneaking into the homes of people to

Shina Rambo Stories

Before long, he began searching for mystical
powers that would allow him to carry out his deeds without harm. According to
Shina Rambo, he got mystical powers that allowed him enter spiritual trees in
the event of troubles. He became the brain behind some of the notorious robberies
and killings in the Western parts of Nigeria.

Shina Rambo claims that he also had an evil spirit that drove him around, dressed as an evil spirit during his robbery operations.  Some of these gang members include Toyosi, Awo Ara, Apadi and Boyo.   He was feared by security operatives in Nigeria, Benin, and Libya. He was also known for robbing banks and had multiple sophisticated weapons and bullet belts.

Shina Rambo

Shina Rambo wife

At some point, he moved to the Benin
Republic where he had a wife and three kids. According to him in an interview,
he said his wife was well aware of his deeds.  He also stated that he never slept outside his
home and used over 210 girls as his spies.

Is Shina Rambo dead

Many stories surround the end of Shina . One such narratives stated that he was arrested by the Nigerian Police and locked in prison. Another report says that Shina Rambo gave his life to Christ through the works of the Man of God Prophet T.O Obadare. This story was recounted by the Integrity TV Interview where Shina claims that he was never sentenced to prison but was released from jail at some point. There has been no real understanding of the end or death of Shina Rambo.

Source: Naija Online Guide

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